CVS1-RA Series – Easy Setup Color Sensor Optex

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CVS1-RA Series – Easy Setup Color Sensor Optex

Cost Efficient and Easy Setup Color Area Sensor
All in one color vision sensor
High speed : 0.6 – 22ms
Stable color detection by calculating hue of each pixel

All in one

  • The sensor has a built-in Camera, LED Lighting, Display monitor and Controller. This structure enables water resistance IP67.
  • One threshold mode

    Determine OK when the area that the color matches exceeds the threshold.

  • Two threshold mode

    Determine OK when the area that the color matches is in two thresholds.

  • Easy Teaching

    Teaching is easily done by moving the teaching cursor on the part that you want to teach the color and just set it.

  • Up to 16 Bank

    16 Banks are available in small all in one package.

  • High Speed

    Newly developed vision processor enables high speed inspection

  • Zoom function

    You can zoom in a part of the object. You can inspect 16 parts of the object changing Bank efficiently.

  • Stable inspection

    It calculates color hue of each pixel that prevent miss-inspection.

  • Wide coverage line-up

    You can choose from 4 inspection range/field of view according to inspection target condition

  • Long Range View Type270 mm distance with 40 X 50mm to 55 x 65mm



    User Friendly Interface

    Set-up is made easy with the simple intuitive user interface

    screen and function


    Sensor Set-up is Quick and Easy

    Single Point teach is as simple as selecting the object color with the cursor


  • Checking existence of printing on the box


    Set the extracted color from the printing and check its area in the field of view

  • Checking existence of needle cap


    Existence of needle cap can be detected easily by color area inspection even in a big FOV

  • Checking existence of wafers


    Set the color of the wafer as its reference and detect existence of the wafer even there are some water on it

  • Checking existence of lot number on the spark plugs


    Check the color area of the printed characters on the spark plugs

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