CVS3-RA Series – Edge Sensor

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CVS3-RA Series – Edge Sensor

Detects Edge, Blob and Direction for Various Application

  • All in one color vision sensor
  • Easy setup and High performance
  • Useful Zoom-in function
CVS3-RA Series

New inspection mode: Contour mode, Differential mode

New inspection mode, Contour mode and Differential mode have been added up on conventional CVS3-RA compatible mode. It has improved search function and improved color/contrast correct function.

  • Masking function

    You can mask the area that doesn’t have to be checked so that you can get better sensitivity of inspection.

  • Zoom function

    CVS3-RA has Zoom function so you can zoom in up to twice size.

  • Downloading setup
    parameters to PC

    You can download setup data and reference image data into PC. You can copy the reference image data and the setup data to other CVS3-RA. Please use I/F cable CVS-C2C.

  • Up to 15 Bank

    15 Banks are available in small all in one package.

  • Other FOV type is available

    In case you need other FOV type like CVS1-RA or CVS2-RA, please contact our distributor.

  • Standard View Type

    Working Distance is 90 to 150mm with a field of view that is 40 x 50mm to 65 x 75mmActual Pic Width: 750 pixels

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