Đèn Cảm Biến Ánh Sáng High-Brightness Bar Lighting OPB Series

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Đèn Cảm Biến Ánh Sáng High-Brightness Bar Lighting OPB Series

OPB/OPB-S Series

New high-brightness white (W2)

Twice the brightness of conventional products
Wider illumination area (Click “Data” button above for “Illumination According to Illumination Distance”.)

New white bar lighting dedicated for overdrive strobe lighting


  • Model:

    Designed to be used specifically as overdrive strobe lighting, these bar lighting devices offer high brightness.

    Ensuring sufficient brightness even with short exposure times, these devices are ideal for high-speed lines such as those in the electronic components industry.

Built-in “FALUX” correction circuit

This product is equipped with Optex FA’s proprietary “FALUX” brightness variation correction circuit. Using the constant current circuit dependent on the input voltage, variations in the forward current of individual LEDs are corrected. Meanwhile, the temperature compensation circuit compensates for fluctuations in brightness due to increases in temperature after lighting.

Structure of the OPB Series

Wide variety of options

In addition to diffusion plates, transparent covers, and polarizing plates, the lineup also includes brackets for convenient mounting. Lighting angles can also be adjusted between 0 and 90°.

Square brackets for mounting 1 to 4 devices are also available.

Light distribution characteristics optimized for image processing

The lens features a new design based on technology accumulated from image processor and photoelectric sensor development.

In order to take advantage of the high-brightness LED characteristics, the light collection efficiency has been increased and the light distribution characteristics have been optimized for image processing.

The equipped brightens only the necessary area and offers even light distribution. The red light distribution characteristics are described below.

These photos are for a 1.5 cm square LED.

Conventional Model Comparison of Illumination According to Illumination Distance

Illumination Area According to Illumination Distance (Typical example)

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