E Series – Miniature Type

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E Series – Miniature Type

Self-contained, miniature, side & front-sensing photoelectric sensor.

  • SPACE SAVING SIZE: Front sensing version is only 3.5mm thick – Perfect for applications with space constraints
  • LONG SENSING RANGE: Diffuse model has up to 100mm distance
  • VARIETY OF FLEXIBLE INSTALLATIONS: Thrubeam, diffuse, and convergent super side sensing versions available
  • CONNECTIONS: Available with M8 3 pin quick disconnect, standard. Easy maintenance.
  • EASILY VISIBLE: Operation indicator visible on the front and back of the sensor for quick output status confirmation
  • TOUGH MECHANICS: 100G shock rating – IP67 water tightness

Can be mounted anywhere

Both Flat ON and Side ON types are available

When there is limited space in width, choose Side ON type. When height is limited, choose Flat ON type. Selections can be made based on the situation.

Ultra-thin type

Thickness of only 3.5 mm (Flat ON type)

  • You can install this series into very narrow space.
    *Thickness of Side ON type is 5 mm.

Angled cable design

prevents cable stress

  • The cable is angled coming out from the corner of the housing enabling it to be mounted in various positions without stress on the cable.
  • Flexible mounting hole:

    Mounting hole pitch: 8 to 11 mm

    Flexible mounting is possible using holes whose pitch was altered during machining or holes that were already made.

  • Indicators visible even from back of the housing

    (Flat ON type)

    Equipped with a stability indicator (green) and output indicator (orange) to enable visibility from front and rear of sensors. When making light axis adjustments, indicators can be confirmed without being turned to the front every time.

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