Thiết Bị Đo Bằng Tia Hồng Ngoại Long Range With Narrow FOV Type PT-S80/PT-U80

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Thiết Bị Đo Bằng Tia Hồng Ngoại Long Range With Narrow FOV Type PT-S80/PT-U80

Striving for “easier readability” “convenience”

  • EL backlight mounted on liquid crystal part
  • Recorded data can be sent to and received from PC via USB
    (PT-U80 only)
  • Long focus design that can be measured away


  • Striving for easier readability

    The product’s LCD is equipped with an EL backlight to make measurement results more easily readable.
    In addition, the large-size LCD screen includes a three-area display for a brighter, bigger presentation of information.
    Designed to be energy-efficient, the EL backlight includes an illuminance sensor that automat

  • In the pursuit of convenience

    In order to make the most effective use of measured data, the PT-U80 is equipped with a function that allows data recorded onto the unit to be transmitted to a PC via USB.
    The captured data can then be applied to a report form prepared in advance for easy report creation.
    Configuration of various settings and performing various operations on the PT-U80 can also be done from the PC.
    Access the Optex FA homepage to download the necessary PC software.

    Dedicated software is downloaded from here and used.

  • Dedication to being easy to understand

    Knowing an exact measurement point is difficult if the location of the laser pointer is not in line with the actual measurement point.
    The PT-80, however, is equipped with a coaxial laser marker (PSC-certified high-brightness laser) that provides a constant red dot at the center of the measurement area.

  • Dedication to enabling simple measurement

    At a distance of 1 m, the PT-80 measurement area is 30 × 30 mm. At a distance of 5 m, the product’s long-focus design provides a measurement area of 150 × 150 mm.
    This enables safe, reliable measurement even in situations where approaching the target can be dangerous.


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