TOF-DL Series – TOF Time Of Flight Laser

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TOF-DL Series – TOF Time Of Flight Laser

The World’s Smallest TOF Sensor lineup with analog output type

  • Analog output type and 3-control-output type
  • The world’s smallest TOF sensor
  • Built-in digital display for simple setup
  • Detect from up to 2.5 m away.
    “Visualize” distances with the TOF-DL compact sensor.

    The FASTUS TOF-DL Series is the world’s smallest TOF sensor*1.
    This ultra-compact laser distance sensor is capable of detecting at distances of up to 2.5 m.
    With a built-in digital display, confi guring settings is simple.
    Notably, the TOF-DL Series is most useful with applications requiring height and target distance control, such as level and position detection and loop control at a manufacturing site.
    *1 Optex FA examination performed November 2016.
    The TOF principle measures the time it takes a pulse-emitted laser to hit a target and return, and the measurement is then converted into distance. With strong resistance to influences from the target’s surface conditions, this principle is capable of producing stable detection.

    Easy-to-See Digital Display

    With its ultra-compact size, the TOF-DL Series is equipped with a three-digit, easy-to-see digital display.
    The display allows users to check the distance showing numerical values.
    This digital display also makes threshold adjustments easy.

    Easy-to-See Indicators and Stability Output

    • The indicators used on the TOF-DL Series allow for easy visibility from any angle.
      In addition, users are able to switch output 1 to Stability Output.
      Stability Output turns ON (Central indicator = Green) when detection is stable and turns OFF (Central indicator = Red) when detection is not possible.

    Class 1 Laser Light Source

    The Class 1 laser used in the TOF-DL Series opens the door to long-distance measuring at up to 2.5 m without sacrificing eye safety.
    In addition, the spot is clearly visible, making light axis alignments easy.



  • Level control for lifts

  • Measuring of material level in tank

  • Monitoring of remaining non-woven fabrics

  • Loop control for sheet materials

  • Detecting wafer protruding from cassette

  • Long range detection of building board

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