TOF-L Series – TOF Long-Range Type

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CD22 Series – Compact Laser Displacement Sensor

Sensor đo khoảng cách độ chính xác 1 μm

Ultra-compact long-distance detection sensor

  • Max. sensing distance of 4.5 m
    *With white paper (90%)
  • The world’s smallest TOF sensor
  • Capable of stable detection even over long distances
TOF-L Series

A compact and low-cost TOF sensor that changes the definition of long-distance detection.

In general, long-distance detection sensors are large and heavy.
The FASTUS TOF-L Series is a photoelectric sensor with a built-in amplifier that aims to change that characterization. In addition to being the world’s smallest*1 TOF sensor, the TOF-L Series also features a high-sensitivity APD in the light receiving element for high-speed responses of 0.5 ms and maximum detection distances of up to 4.5 m*2.
*1 Among sensors that employ the TOF method. Optex FA examination performed September 2015.
*2 With white paper (90%)

TOF-L Series

TOF (Time Of Flight) method

  • The TOF method measures the time it takes a pulse-emitted laser to hit a target and return, and the measurement is then converted into distance.
    With strong resistance to influences from the target’s surface conditions, this method is capable of producing stable detection.

The World’s Smallest TOF Sensor

At just 17 × 32.8 × 44.4 (W × D × H) mm, the TOF-L Series photoelectric sensor is the world’s smallest*1 TOF sensor. In addition to measuring only about one-fourth the volume of conventional sensors for significantly more compactness, the TOF-L is capable of long-distance detection at distances up to 4.5 m.
*1 Among sensors that employ the TOF method. Optex FA examination performed September 2015.

Capable of stable detection even over long distances

  • Stable detection even with glossy or low-reflectance workpieces

    By relying on distance to a workpiece rather than differences in the amount of received light for turning ON/OFF, the TOF-L Series makes it possible to achieve stable long-distance detection with a variety of workpieces, including low-reflectivity targets such as black rubber and glossy targets such as metal workpieces.

  • Stable detection even when determining level differences

    The TOF-L Series is capable of low hysteresis for white objects of less than or equal to 5% (typical). The sensor also delivers level-difference detection such as when inspecting for the presence of parts from remote locations. In addition, adoption of the TOF method helps reduce black/white errors without sacrificing detection accuracy even over long distances.

Class 1 Laser in Emitter Light Source

The TOF-L Series sensor achieves long-distance detections at distances up to 4.5 m while using a Class 1 laser.
This class of laser is also safe on the eyes, so there’s no need for workers to wear eye protection.
In addition, the spot beam is clearly visible, making light axis adjustments easy.

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