V Series – Terminal Block Type

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V Series – Terminal Block Type

Universal voltage/Terminal block type

Universal voltage types are also available, eliminating the need to choose between voltages. Can be used with voltages around the world.

  • Equipped with timer function
    (Universal voltage type model equipped with timer)

    Equipped with two timer functions. The OFF delay for extending the time until OFF and the ON delay for switching ON when detecting after more than a set period of time. The timer time can be set for between 0.1 and 10 seconds and the ON delay and OFF delay can be set at the same time.

  • Mirror surface detection (retro-reflective type)

    Built-in polarizing filter for optical surfaces. Clearly differentiates between reflected light from the reflector and reflected light from the workpiece. Allows stable detection of mirror surfaces such as for plating and metal objects.

2-direction cable connection

  • On types with one-direction cable connections, it is necessary to be careful about the routing of the cable.
    With the V series, routing is possible from both the bottom and rear. This is a logical design that not only makes routing easy, but removes cable stress.

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