Z-L Series – Amplifier Built-In Type Optex

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Z-L Series – Amplifier Built-In Type Optex

Small spot size that can be achieved by lasers

  • Approx. ø2 mm spot size at a distance of 400mm (diffuse-reflective type)

    Optimal for applications that in which small object detection and high repeat accuracy are required.

For high-speed lines

  • Response time: 250 μs

    The laser sensor provides a top class response time.
    This feature makes detection in high speed production line possible.

Outstanding environmental resistance

  • Degree of protection: IP67, Shock resistance: 50 G

    Its integrally molded structure enables all models to conform to IP67 and achieve a shock resistance up to 50 G. It doesn’t break even when wet and can be used in locations where vibrations are generated.

  • Standard specification size

    25.4 mm standard pitch

    Features an industry standard pitch of 25.4 mm.


  • Parts cut sizing

  • Thin plates counting(ZT-L3000)

  • Hole drilling detection for metal parts

  • Liquid crystal glass mapping

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