Y Series – M18 Threaded Front Mounting Type Optex

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Y Series – M18 Threaded Front Mounting Type Optex

  • Flexible Installation M18 Threaded or 24.1mm Pitch Holes

    • Complete selection of sensing types including
    • Transparent Object Detection
    • M18 Threaded Front Mounting
    • Stable Sensing Even For Plastic/Glass
    • Wide Selection

      The Y series is offered with seven different models. Thru-beam, Diffuse, Retro-reflective, Transparent object detection, Convergent Beam (two types) and BGS (Background suppression). There is a model for use in almost any application.

      M18 Threaded Front Mounting

      The sensor can be easily mounted by inserting into an 18 mm opening. There are also conventional mounting holes in the sensor body for added flexibility.

      • Pig-tail Connector

        M12 pig-tail type are available for easy maintenance.

      • Rugged Waterproof Construction

        The sensor has an IP67 rating. It is ideal for use in applications where it may be exposed to water spray.

      Stable Sensing Even For Plastic/Glass

      The YR-Q series was designed for the detection of transparent targets.These are ideally suited for clear plastic and glass bottle applications.

      ==> Application

    • Verifying car position

    • For Detecting PWB

    • For Conveyor

    • For Beverage industry

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